It is probably a challenge to grill out and have a great time this summer if your grill has other plans. If it is high time you invest in a brand new propane gas Rocky Mount, NC product, do not go cheap. Go with Daughtridge Gas and Oil. We provide high end petroleum products and related services to Eastern North Carolina and Southeast Virginia. Backed by more than 80 years of experience, we are your best source for gas grills that will not let you down. Indeed our durable, sustainable products are made with some of the very best materials that you can actually afford. Want a grill that cooks great and looks great, too? Choose Daughtridge Gas and Oil for your August 2016 purchase.

Our Propane Gas Rocky Mount, NC Team Considers:

  • Convenience: we build grills with cool grate materials, wheels, castors, and features like an electronic ignitor.
  • Indirect Cooking: our grills allow you to have one or two burners on so that you place food on or near direct flame.
  • Temperature Range: our grills have a wide span of temperatures so that you can go high or low if you need to.
  • Preheat Performance: some of our grills allow you preheat for under15 minutes, which goes to show how fast they can heat up.
  • Evenness Performance: a half cooked steak is no good for your barbecue. You will find that any of our propane gas Rocky Mount, NC products cook meat evenly.
  • Customer Reviews: although 80 years speaks for itself, join our Facebook family or read up on our reviews to get the word of mouth.

A bad grill affects your August 2016, because it prevents you from perfecting your steak, ribs, or whatever else it is you try to cook up. Find a great grill at Daughtridge.