The kinds of food you can make on your propane gas grill in Rocky Mount, NC is limitless. Other than corn and the occasional squash, you probably don’t grill a lot of veggies right? There’s a whole world of vegetables you can make on the grill, but it can be easy to fall in the same old routine. With that in mind, here are 3 fresh ways to add more green to your grill.

1. Make Dips and Salsa

Whether you’re making salsa, artichoke dip, corn dip, or any other dip for your next party, throw those veggies on the grill before you implement them into the dish. That fresh grilled taste will add so much more. You can even use a smoker to add the ideal smoking flavors. For tips on using a smoker, check out this blog post.

2. Try Some Green Tomatoes

While heirloom tomatoes are too delicate to grill, if you can get some ripe green tomatoes, you can make a wonderfully fresh dish. Throw some peppers and jalapeños on the grill with it, and you have a nice hot dish, potentially to heat up Valentine’s Day with. For inspiration, check out this recipe via Bon Appetit.

3. Grill Your Salad

Believe it or not, grilling salad is a thing. To do it with kale, just take a little kosher salt and olive oil and grill it on medium, flipping until it is nicely charred and a little wilted. Then you can combine your kale with all sorts of grilled veggies to make the perfect salad. To get you started, here’s a recipe from Kitchn. Just a little of this would be the perfect starter for any meal.

Ready to Get Grilling?

Of course, to make all of these recipes you need a propane gas grill that can get the job done. To get started with your grilling journey, look no further than Daughtridge Energy. From propane gas Grills to gas delivery in Rocky Mount, NC— we’re your grilling destination. It’s a great way to heat up your Valentine’s Day. To get started, contact us and we can get you started.