These days propane gas tanks like the ones we sell in Rocky Mount, NC have found a place in homes and businesses all over the world, with some owners choosing to decorate them to match their homes. Whether you use it for business or for your home, we think it’s a great idea to add a pop of color to your propane tanks. That said, it can be hard to come up with ideas.  With that in mind, here are 3 propane tank decorating ideas.

1. Go Lego Style

Everything can be awesome with a little yellow, black, and white paint. Even without the pain, 20lb portable propane tanks do look like LEGO heads, so why not go for it? It’s a great a fun addition that can take your propane tank from drab to awesome. Check out this Instructables tutorial to do it with your own propane tank.

2. Watermelon It Up

Nothing quite says Summer like cookouts and fresh watermelon, so why not combine the two? With a a couple shades of green paint, you’ll have a propane tank that looks like it’s totally in season. On the blog Forever Decorating, they even paint little lady bugs on it for extra flair. It doesn’t have to be watermelons, you can paint it any fruit that catches your fancy and goes with your color scheme.

3. Make a Yellow Submarine

As Forever Decorating reports, there’s a woman in Texas with a yellow submarine painted tank. Sonia, the woman who painted the tank said,

“When we bought our home, here I was faced with the same issue, our (propane) tank was so huge and so ugly, and in such a prominent spot. Such an eyesore and my eyes were always drawn to it in-spite of the pretty garden. I knew we had to do something so we made ours into a yellow submarine with our grandchildren (Will and McKenna) and cat Sylvester as silhouettes in the portholes. My husband even got into the action by adding a periscope on top after first thinking I had lost my mind”

With a little yellow, gray, blue, and black paint, you can do the same thing with one of your larger tanks.

Need More Propane Gas Tips?

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