As experts in propane gas grills in Rocky Mount, NC, we’re very passionate about safety. The underlying philosophy of our propane gas Rocky Mount, NC company is that of our excellent customer service.  We are committed to providing our customers with prompt, courteous, and dependable service and products and to delivering the highest quality products available at a reasonable price. With that in mind, here are 5 safety tips to make sure you can get the most out of our products.

  1. Keep Instructions Close By– It is important to follow the grill manufacturer’s instructions and keep written materials handy in case you need them.
  2. Make Sure the Grill is Lit– It’s a good idea to keep the top of the grill open until you are sure it is lit.
  3. Use Protective Caps– Make sure to cover disconnected hose-end fittings with plastic bags or protective caps to keep a grill clean when it is not in use.
  4. Store Propane Safely– Make sure to store propane cylinders outdoors in an upright (vertical) position to keep them as safe as possible.
  5. Know When to Get Help– If you smell gas, remember to safely turn off the cylinder valve, turning it to the right, clockwise of course. Immediately leave the area and dial 911 or call your local fire department. Before you use the grill again, make sure to have a qualified service technician inspect your cylinder.

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At Daughtridge Energy, we’re dedicated to providing petroleum products and related services to Eastern North Carolina and Southeast Virginia. Based in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, Daughtridge Oil and Gas is a family owned and operated company committed to providing the highest quality products and services to our customers at a reasonable price. Among those services include our selection of Propane Gas and Gas Grills in Rocky Mount, NC. We’d love to help you get started grilling all year long. If you want to get started, contact us and we’ll see what we can do.