Daughtridge Gas and Oil provides petroleum products to Eastern NC and Southeastern VA. One of the products we offer to our customers inRocky Mount and surrounding areas are gas logs. Below is a list of the advantages of gas logs:

  • No mess to clean up: Unlike natural wood, gas logs won’t leave behind a mess once the fire is gone.
  • Constant heat: With gas logs, you won’t have to constantly poke and prod your fire to keep it going; simply turn on the gas and enjoy.
  • Safety: Gas logs are safer than natural wood because they won’t send off sparks and you don’t have to worry about a log accidentally rolling away.
  • Eco-friendly: GasĀ logs are considered a cleaner choice than burning natural wood because they emit fewer air pollutants.
  • Cost-efficient: Gas logs are more cost-efficient than natural wood for several reasons. First, they require less chimney cleaning. Secondly, gas logs last for many years and don’t need to be constantly replaced like natural wood does. Furthermore, gas logs will help you to cut costs on your energy bill during those cold winter nights.

For all of your gas log needs, contact us at Daughtridge Gas and Oil.