Along with providing a number of residential propane services, we also supply gasoline to a number of commercial retailers. Whether you’re using it to heat your home or to run your car, gas is an essential part of our daily lives. You would probably agree that most people would be interested in ways to improve their gas mileage when driving. Not only does this save you money, it’s also helpful for the environment.
Here are some fuel efficiency tips from Car Bibles to help you save on gas:

  • One of the most important ways to save on gas mileage is to go easy on both your gas and your brake pedals. When you want to increase speed, do so slowly. If you need to brake, follow the same advice. In order to avoid sudden and forceful stopping, try to keep a safe distance between yourself and any cars in front of you.
  • Another key factor to fuel efficiency is to use the right kind of gas for your car. Just because premium gas is the most expensive, does not mean that it is the right choice of fuel for your car. And on the opposite spectrum, if your car is supposed to use premium, it’s not a good idea to try to save money by using unleaded. Whatever your car’s manufacturer recommends is the type of fuel that you should use.
  • Another easy and effective way to save on gas mileage is to keep your tires at the right pressure. Regular check your tire pressure and inflate them if they’re running low on pressure. Tires with low pressure create rolling resistance, which uses up more of your fuel as you drive.
  • If you have cruise control in your car, that’s another great way to improve your gas mileage. Cruise control helps you to maintain the correct speed without having to accelerate or brake too often.

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