Based in Rocky Mount, NC, Daughtridge Gas and Oil is a propane company that is family owned and operated and committed to providing the highest quality petroleum products and services to our customers at a reasonable price. We also provide a wide variety of fire pits, gas grills, and gas logs.
Our propane services include residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial services. Along with these, we also offer showrooms that feature grills, grill accessories, outdoor fish and turkey cookers, tailgate grills, collegiate grill covers, and a full selection of BBQ and hot sauces.
With wintry weather right around the corner, the loss of power can be a concern if snow hits your area. However, if you own a gas grill or a gas stove, you won’t have to live off of sandwiches the next time the power goes out.
One of the many benefits of gas stoves is that they continue to work even when the power goes out. That means that you can continue to cook even without electricity. You can even use your gas stove for temporary lighting or warmth. However, we recommend that you only do this under supervision and for small periods of time.
Even if you don’t have a gas stove, you can still continue to cook if you have an outdoor grill. However, be sure to keep your grill outdoors when you are using it.
Gas logs can also be used without electricity. So, don’t worry about being stuck in the cold and dark. Turn on your fireplace and cozy up!
For all of your propane needs, including gas grills and gas logs, contact us at Daughtridge Gas and Oil in Rocky Mount, NC.