Through its wholesale and retail delivery division, Daughtridge Gas & Oil is a full service distributor of propane gas, cylinder exchange, home heating oil, diesel fuel, kerosene, and other petroleum products.  Moreover, our propane gas Rocky Mount, NC shop is a branded distributor of Exxon, Citgo, and Pure gasoline through company-owned and operated outlets and is a supplier of branded and unbranded gasoline to independent retailers throughout the Coastal Plain. Because of that experience, we know a lot about grilling. With that in mind, here are 9 steps to help you to deep clean your propane gas grill in Rocky Mount, NC, from the experts at the Today Show.

  1. Start with the Inside– Using your grill brush, work top to bottom to remove any carbon build-up. If there are areas with tough build-up, it’s a great idea to use a putty knife.
  2. Get Warm Soapy Water– Wash the inside with warm, soapy water to get the excess residue.
  3. Take Out the Grates– Next, make sure to remove the grates and wash those with warm soapy water as well. Then set them aside to dry.
  4. Get the Grill Burner Covers– Then, remove the grill burner covers and also wash with warm, soapy water.
  5. Scrape the Grease– Scrape the build-up into the cook box using a putty knife
  6. Grab a Grill Brush– Clean each burner tube individually with a grill brush to make sure it’s squeaky clean
  7. Remove the Bottom Tray– Then scrape the gunk into the trash. You can also remove the dirty drip pan and replace it with a fresh one.
  8. Hose It Down– With a hose, wash down the exterior of the grill.
  9. Reassemble– Put all of the cleaned parts back together and then close your grill

After you follow all of those steps, your propane gas grill is clean and ready the next time you want to have a cookout in Rocky Mount, NC.

Ready to Get Grilling?

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