With Daughtridge Energy, you don’t have to keep your propane gas logs inside your home in Rocky Mount, NC. With a great patio, you can also have a great propane gas fireplace or fire pit. There’s no telling what kind of memories you can make out there. You just have to decide- are you more of a fireplace person or fire pit person? Here’s a quick guide to help you

Thinking You’d Like a Fireplace?

If you choose a fireplace, although you might have to get a permit or inspection, you will have a cool and unique structure to gather around. In addition, the structure will block the wind and create a great lounge area.
You can also set up couches and chairs and gather around it and will create a greats space to talk, hand gout and sip hot chocolate. Despite blocking some views, it is also very romantic. It’s probably more expensive than a portable fire pit, but at the same time, who else has an outdoor fireplace?

Thinking That You’re a Fire Pit Person?

Whether you choose a portable option or build a structure for the pit, it is also a great gathering place that can host way more people than an outdoor Fireplace. You can circle even up to 12 people around a fire pit roasting marshmallows if you want to. It’s easier to incorporate seating, doesn’t block views, and it is probably less expensive. Unlike other places that exclusively carry charcoal or wood burning firepits, at Daughtridge Energy you can get a no fuss propane gas fire pit.

Ready to Choose?

Whatever your decision, it really just depends on what you want the structure is for.  Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you want to host big parties or just hang with a couple people staying warm on your porch?
  • What would look better on your patio?
  • Ultimately, what look do you really want?

It’s also important to consider how your community feels about wood burning, and also to remember that there isn’t a predetermined shape your pit or fireplace has to be. If you dream it, it’s possible.
Just give us a call at 252-446-6137 and we’ll help you create that gathering place this fall. We have plenty of gas grills and propane gas supplies for your new Rocky Mount, NC marshmallow roasting hub.