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Do you love pizza? Of course you do! Do you have the extra layer of smoky flavor that grilling adds to your food? We know the answer is yes! So, why not combine these 2 delicious taste combinations and grill your pizza?!

Grilling your pizza is similar to cooking a pizza in a wood fired grill. It adds that extra layer of smoking flavor plus a delicious crispy crunch. 

There are a number of ways that you can grill your pizza. There are special dishes/pans/stones made for grilling your pizza, or you can use a cookie sheet, or you can grill the pizza directly on the grill (just be sure to clean your grill well before you do so). Simply Recipes suggests that you first grill the dough directly on the grill, and then remove it and place it on a cookie sheet before adding your toppings and grilling it some more.

A fun idea for the summer is to have your own pizza party outdoors. Just invite your family and friends over for a fun make-your-own pizza party. Prepare the pizza dough before hand, then sit out a variety of pizza toppings. Have your guests prepare their own pizzas, choosing whichever toppings they like. Once you’re done with dinner, you can do the same thing with sweet toppings in order to make dessert pizzas! It’s sure to be a crowd pleaser!

During the summer, you can try fun pizza combos featuring fresh summer ingredients, like ripe tomatoes, juicy strawberries, and delicious pineapple. The flavor combinations are almost endless!

If you’re looking for new grilling supplies for the summer, be sure to come to see us at Daughtridge Energy in Rocky Mount, NC.