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While peak grilling season is the summer, you can certainly grill year-round, especially in Rocky Mount, NC, where we tend to have milder fall and winter seasons. You can grill any time of the year, but you will want to follow a few precautions when grilling in the winter.

When you grill in the winter, be sure to follow these safety tips to have the best and safest grilling experience:

  • First of all, no matter how cold it is, do not bring your grill inside, and do not use your grill in a covered, enclosed area such as a garage or a carport.
  • If you’re grilling when it’s cold outside, keep from opening your grill more than necessary while your food is cooking to keep the grill’s temperature consistent.
  • Between uses, you can store your grill in your garage or in a shed, but you should never store your grill’s propane tank indoors. Be sure to disconnect your tank, and place it outside; the cold weather will not damage it.
  • Between uses, be sure to use a grill cover to protect your grill from the elements.
  • Allow your grill additional time to heat up during the winter.
  • Be aware that grilling in the winter will require you to use more propane than you would in the summer months. So, check to make sure that you have plenty of propane before you begin grilling. 
  • Make sure that your deck, or wherever you grill, is clear of ice and snow so that you don’t slip while attending to your grill.
  • While you should wear layers to keep warm, don’t wear any loose-fitting or long clothing, such as large jackets or scarves, that may accidently catch on fire.

For all of your winter grilling needs, including extra propane to keep that grill hot and going strong, give us a call at Daughtridge Gas & Oil in Rocky Mount, NC.