On a warm summer night, there’s nothing better than grilling out with friends and family, but there’s nothing worse than being attacked by pesky bugs. Flys, gnats, and mosquitoes are the enemies of a good time outdoors. So, how can you keep the bugs away while you enjoy this summer weather?
If you’re bothered by flies and gnats while you eat your food, there are several ways to keep them off your meal. When you’re not eating, cover all of your food to prevent flies from landing on. It’s also useful to bring a fan outside: not only does this keep bugs away, but it will also help you keep cool from the summer heat. You can also make a homemade bug trap using a little bit of leftover wine: pour it into a glass with some water and then cover the top of the glass with saran wrap with holes poked into it. Sit the glass away from you and your guests, and the flies and gnats will be drawn to the wine rather than your food.
When it comes to keeping the mosquitoes from biting you, insect repellent and citronella candles are your best bet. You also want to avoid wearing scented lotions, hair products, and perfumes while outdoors, because these tend to attract mosquitoes.
To cut down on the mosquito population around your home, be sure to get rid of any standing water in your yard or on your deck and patio areas, as this is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. It also helps to keep your grass cut and trees and bushes trimmed, because mosquitoes like to hang out in shady spots.
If your itching from sometime outdoors, grilling up great food or relaxing around your fire pit, don’t let the bugs keep you away. For all of your propane needs in Rocky Mount, NC, give us a call at Daughtridge Energy.