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If you have a grill, there’s a good chance that it uses a propane tank. Propane grills are becoming increasingly popular and more and more people are choosing them over more traditional charcoal grills. If you want your propane grill to last for a long time, you not only want to take care of the grill itself but also the propane tank(s) you use to fuel it. 

The following tips are for your portable, small propane tanks that you use with a grill, not the larger residential tanks:

Whether in use or not, always make sure that your propane tank is on level ground. When you want to check the level of propane, you can keep the tank on the ground, and pour a glass of hot water on it; condensation will form all over the tank where propane is present; mark off the area where the condensation stops to see where your propane level is. 

When you’re not using your propane tank, be sure to shut off the valves. Keep it covered (along with your grill) to protect it from the elements. If you’re not planning on using it for a while, you can store it in a well-ventilated outdoor area and cover it with a proper cover. After you take it out of storage, be sure to check for leaks, rust, or any other damage. If it is damaged, do not use it, but instead return it for a new one.

When it’s time to bring in your propane tank for a refill, transport it in a space where it won’t roll around and get damaged. 

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