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With yesterday’s snowy weather and snow in the forecast for later this week, some people will be losing power. When the power goes out, it can be a stressful and even frightening event. However, if you have propane or gas products in your home, you can rest easy.

Stay Warm, Be Safe

Even without power, your gas fireplace and gas stove will still work. That means that you can still stay warm and cook after the power goes out. However, it’s important to remember that you need to practice precaution when using these products. Here are some safety tips to help you out:

  • Never leave a gas fireplace unattended.
  • Place a barrier around your fireplace if you have pets or small children in the home.
  • Remove all tripping hazards from around the fireplace.
  • Don’t use your gas stovetop as a heating or light source.
  • You may have to manually light your gas stovetop when the power is out.

Ways to Use Your Propane

If you don’t have a gas stovetop, you can still prepare food if you have a grill. Propane tanks are not affected by cold weather, so you can still use your grill, even when it’s snowing outside. Just keep in mind that the cold weather will mean longer cooking times for your grill. Never use your grill indoors, even in your garage. You can also use an outdoor camping stove to cook food.

While you’re still up and moving around, you can use your gas fireplace to keep you warm. Just be sure to never leave it unattended.

If you’re heading to bed and want to stay warm, use your gas stovetop to heat up some water for a hot water bottle to place in your bed. Then, wear plenty of layers to bed. Remember to blow out all candles and turn off your gas logs before heading to bed. You can use use your stove to heat up water to take a warm bath.

Winter weather can be beautiful, but it can also bring power outages. Fortunately with gas and propane products, you can stay warm and prepare food. Call Daughtridge Gas & Oil in Rocky Mount, NC for all of your propane needs this winter.